Statements of Significance

Statements of Significance are detailed descriptions of the development of buildings and their “lives”. Factual statements, they make objective and informed assessments of the relative merits or “significance” of aspects or features of the building (in terms of its special architectural and historic interest including any contribution made by its setting).

These Statements of Significance are very important when applying for a Faculty (approval by the Diocese for building work to be carried out on a Church). Statements are provided prior to work being carried out an then updated after the work has been completed…over time they become a history of the church and its artefacts. Keeping the Statement up-to-date demonstrates good stewardship of our heritage buildings.

Every five years, a Quinquennial Inspection is carried out by an Architect appointed by the Diocese. The Architect looks at the state of the church (e.g. if any roof/fabric repairs are required, dry/wet rot needing treatment etc.). These reports provide information of work which is required urgently and that which can wait some months. Fundraising within the Parish is important in helping to pay for necessary maintenance on all three of our Churches, as well as the Church Hall in Creigiau. If you’d like to support our work, please click here: Support Our Work

Please click on the link below to access the most up-to-date Statements of Significance for each of the Churches:

St. Catwg’s Church Statement of Significance

St. David’s Church Statement of Significance

St. Ellteyrn’s Statement of Significance


Quinquennial Inspections

A Quinquennial Inspection (QI) is important for the Vicar and members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) to understand what work needs to be carried out to ensure the integrity and safety of the buildings within their care, and also to have clear goals for ensuring that these buildings are safeguarded for future generation to use.

The appointed Architect produces a detailed report on each of the three churches in our care. Teams from across the Parish then initiate projects to  tender and appoint a specialist Builder who can undertake the work. The Project Team apply for grants for people who help support the maintenance of Listed or historical buildings as well as organising various fundraising events across the Parish.

Check our current and completed projects in More+

Normally, the QI work identified is categorised into three “urgency” levels: Immediate; Essential (within 18 months); Essential (within 5 years); and Desirable. We would as a minimum, expect to complete up to all of the Immediate and Essential (within 18 months) as our funding allows with  teams from within the Parish helping on all of the low level maintenance work identified (e.g. clearing of ivy growth, garden and path maintenance etc).

Please find a copy of the Quinquennial Inspection for each of the Churches by clicking the link below:

St. Catwgs Church Quinquennial Inspection 2018

St. David’s Church Quinquennial Inspection 2018

St. Ellteyrn’s Church Quinquennial Inspection 2018

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