Quinquennial Inspection (QI) Project

In September 2018, a Quinquennial Inspection (QI) was undertaken by an Architect appointed by the Diocese and he identified that in order for the St. Catwg’s Church to remain a warm, welcoming and safe place, priority work had to be carried out on both internal and external areas of the Church. The Parishioners at St. Catwg’s are proactive in maintaining the building as far as they can, although much of the works identified in the report produced by the Architect, are outside the scope of laymen/women and require a specialist builder to make good the areas that are damp and also to repair the roof and interior walls. The report identified dampness leading to loss of paintwork and plaster. The cause of many problem was ineffective rainwater goods, holes in roof, slipped or broken slates and plant growth growing out of gullies which may now need replacing.   

The QI Project for St. Catwg’s Church was due to start in 2020, but owing to Covid has been delayed to 2021. January of this year saw the first signs that the project was underway, as scaffolding was erected around the building. The scaffolding will be in place for around 8 weeks and some of the graves at the front of the church will be covered, to protect them. 


Capability to be delivered by the Project

It is proposed that the capability to be delivered should consist of those elements which the Architect thought should be completed immediately and those that need to be done within the following 18 months. More detail can be found in the Quinquennial Review 2018 itself.


Project Planning

A detailed Project Plan has been produced and you will find the latest version here. In addition, regular newsletters will be produced, informing Parishioners of progress. Links to the newsletters can be found here:

Are We There Yet? Edition 1, Edition 2


Project Manager & Team


Planned Implementation

The planned implementation date is currently being discussed with the Builder and the project is likely to commence in October 2020. Scaffolding will need to be erected, and some of the graves at the front of the church will be covered to protect them. This will be for a period of 8 weeks.

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